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StockPair Regulated

StockPair RegulatedStockpair is one of the most popular binary options trading platform to offer ‘a unique interactive trading experience.’ Its platform is built with a patent pending pricing engine. With this, accurate, real time pricing, and secure visual interface are enabled. Only one look is needed and you can most conclude that Stockpair is just excellent. However, you must keep in mind that for Stockpair to be the finest, it must first be regulated.

Is Stockpair Regulated?

The straight-forward answer to this is not yet. However, Stockpair is on their way to be regulated. It has already submitted an application to get authorized by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) as well as CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commision). Currently, it is waiting for its license from the said financial bodies as well as guarantee from AMF and Banque de France.

Why is it Important for Stockpair to be Regulated? 

Given the fact that Binary Options is an OTC (over-the-counter) market and is in the online industry, people have doubted of its reliability which results to lack of trust in this kind of field. To address this concern, binary options trading platform are seeking to be authorized and regulated by financial institutions. Among these is Stockpair. Since it has been known for excellence and it always aims to provide only the best and most reliable way to trade with binary options, Stockpair has made the necessary measures for it to be regulated. This way, it will not only acquire a sure positive reputation among clients, but also give them tons of privileges with Stockpair Regulated. Some of these advantages are the following:

  • Fully Reliable and Secured Trading Platform – Before it will get its license from CySEC and CFTC, Stockpair must first undergo in an independent testing. In this process, its trading platform including its tools, signals, assets, and other facets will be reviewed and evaluated to ensure a fair and trustworthy trading environment for its traders.
  • Fair Price Quotes – With Stockpair Regulated, the actual pricing of the trades will be checked and must first be proved fair by these financial bodies. Hence, you can assure that the asset you are investing your money in is certainly worth it.
  • Unbiased Payout Rates – It will also be assured that your payout rates are unbiased and reasonable since it will also be checked and evaluated by the above mentioned financial institutions before having it approved.

Through Stockpair Regulated, most reliable and secured trading platform will be offered. It is of no doubt that this broker’s license will be granted sooner than later. With all of its advantageous features and dedications to give the premium trading experience, it will surely outshine other trading platforms once it had been completely authorized and regulated. Hence, seize the opportunity and join Stockpair now!

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