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StockPair Banking

Stockpair Trading is one of the leading binary options traders in the market. Offering you a choice of binary options and pair options, this broker allows you to invest in more than seventy six assets of different types from markets around the world. It has an average return rate of 82%. You just invest the amount you wish in the asset of your choice and predict whether its price will go up or down. Stockpair provides you with a number of tools to study and analyze the market so that you can make accurate predictions. If your forecast turns out to be correct, you end up with a high profit.

Of all the facets of trading with Stockpair, most new traders are highly interested in learning about Stockpair Banking. This refers to the various ways of making deposits and withdrawals so that you can trade in an uninterrupted fashion with Stockpair.

The various aspects of Stockpair Banking

Here are the most important facts that you will need to know about Stockpair Banking:

  • When you wish to trade with Stockpair, you will have to complete the process of registration and open your account. You will have to provide a username and password. But, till you deposit funds in your account, you will not be able to trade.
  • Once the registration process is complete, it is the turn of Stockpair Banking. You can deposit your money in either of three currencies like American dollar, British pound and euro. The currency you choose cannot be altered at a later date.
  • The minimum initial deposit amount is 200 in any of the currencies and the maximum limit is 2000.
  • If you wish to deposit more than 2000, you will have to authenticate your account. For this purpose, Stockpair Banking requires you to provide certain documents like scanned copies of photo identification proof, address proof and the front and back of the credit card used to make the payment.
  • Credit cards, bank transfers and various e wallets can be used for Stockpair Banking – both deposits and withdrawal. The time taken to process the request varies with the instrument.
  • The other facet of Stockpair Banking is withdrawal. You can visit your account page and submit withdrawal request. There is no limit as long as funds are available in your account.
  • Withdrawal will be in the same currency as deposit.
  • No fees are charged for withdrawal by Stockpair.
  • Withdrawal requests are processed by Stockpair within two working days, but depending on the other party, it may take the funds three to ten days to appear in your account.

Stockpair Banking is completely secure

Stockpair abides by strict anti money laundering laws. That is why the authentication documents are requested. In addition, Stockpair Banking uses the latest SSL technology to maintain utmost security of all data related to your personal information or financial transactions.

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