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Stockpair Bonus: The more the better

StockPair Trading is a great platform that offers the best and most international level service in the region of online trading in the binary options sector but they are also businessmen who want to grow. That is why they have started a vigorous promotional offer campaign that gives the users a little bit more than they signed up for. Although no one is complaining this is something you should not be getting used to although we have to agree that the great offers that are up for grabs is going to give you a nice boost up before the important seasons or at random times.

Seasonal Offers

There are many points in the course of the year when you need a bit more for the family than you did the last month and this is exactly the time that you get the offers from the Stockpair bonus scheme merchants about a great scheme that is out right now. These schemes are great and often require you to buy coupons which you can then redeem at the site to get the offer that you are availing. These coupon codes are often available on outside forums as well but we would advise you not to look for them because they are often bogus and if you enter an invalid code more than a certified amount of times your account may be locked.

These seasonal offers often mean that when you redeem your coupon you get a better deal every time and the amount of cut that you were expecting from a successful trade will be increased intermittently. This is just one kind of Stockpair bonus that revolves around special occasions.

New account bonus

This is a type of bonus that has been around from the time of the beginning of the site and will be around for a long time to come. The fact that a new account holder may be inexperience is something that the people at Stockpair take very seriously and that is why you get a demo account activation bonus of $250 which you can use to trade. By the time you have finished trading that amount you will have learnt enough to start with your own money and when you have traded 8 times the amount bonus you can even withdraw that amount. This is a great StockPair Bonus that you should avail no matter what.

Affiliate bonus

This is great Stockpair bonus that works along the same lines as any other online stock trading account. There is an official affiliates club available for you to join and get introduced to online from where if you are interned into the site by a previous owner you get a bigger starting bonus than otherwise. Also if you on the other hand you reserve someone into the site, then you keep on getting a part of their winning which is no less than any other Stockpair bonus that you might have availed yet.

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