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StockPair FAQ

There are many online binary trading sites out there but people are choosing to put their trust on a site known as Stockpair. This is a relatively new site with its own set of advantages as well as disadvantages and for that reason there are many new things that people do not know about. As it happens there is a lack of collected data about the site’s specifications on the internet and because of that we have collected as far as possible and gotten them together in this Stockpair FAQ. We are going to list the best questions out there and try to answer them as far as possible in the course of the article.

Is Stockpair an open or closed trading site?

StockPair Trading is exclusive and there is a rigorous placement procedure where documentation has to be submitted at the bank from which you are going to operate your account. This is a very important thing because there is a lot of money involved and open ended trading is not possible at this level.

Submission of money

There are two things that you need to know about your first submission of money into your account. Firstly to have an account in Stockpair you do not need to have money submitted but in order to trade you must activate your account through tying it with online banks or real banks. When you do this you must submit an amount disclosed in the site itself in to the account so that you can get your trading started. Hence to open an account you do not need money but to trade you do.

What are the Personal details management methods?

It might so happen that you will need to change certain things about your profile or your account in which case you have to go to the tab on the upper right side saying ‘My Account’ and change it from the option that says Settings. There may also be need to change other possible details as well a need to see your transactions history. There is a prompt key for that and that is easy enough to find at the same time.

What currencies are available at the site?

Basically this Stockpair FAQ is trying to give you as detailed information as possible. In this case there are only three different currencies you can use as your main currency and they are US Dollars, British Pound and Euros. Other than this if you are working on Forex you can only use exchange criteria and not the currency itself.

What are the minimum deposit criteria?

This is a burning question and this StockPair FAQ is going to give you the answer. Other than the initial submission you must always deposit no less than 200 whether it is pounds or Euros or dollars

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