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StockPair Scam

Stockpair Scam: Haters will be haters

StockPair Trading has not been around for a long time and truth be stayed their cataclysmic rise to the forefront of inline binary stock trading field has had many of the older people worried about the situation in the future. On the other hand more than a few rumors are out and about that says that Stockpair is a scam or a fraudster that is scrounging off of people’s money when they are not looking. Whether these are connected is something that needs to be seen and this article is going to take a large look at what are the evidences supporting or going against the Stockpair scam rumors.


These rumors about the Stockpair scams are serious in their allegations which reach from unseen commissions to downright fraud in transactions. This is a serious allegation that is making many people think twice before committing to the site and in other words is costing Stockpair to lose money. Following are some of the Stockpair scams that you can easily see or read about on any online forum:

  • Stockpair has been deducting money from the accounts of the users without any notice on the pretence of costs such as tax deductions and increases in the fees.
  • Stockpair has totally denied the user’s plea to have a problem with money transfer to be checked and verified. As a result of this the user has list a lot of money that he has earned through trading.
  • The customer help staff has totally been rude and refused to help the user when they were having difficulties with the transaction that was faulty.

If all of these were true then Stockpair would truly be a very bad site for you to invest in but the fact is that these rumors are just that: rumors. There are more stories in favor of Stockpair and against the StockPair Scam rumors to win you over and all of these are in the paid forums instead of the free ones where verified users who have opened their identities to the world are stating these.

Who spread these rumors?

As we have stated earlier the meteoric rise of Stockpair is something that the competitors did not like and all of this is just a way for them to get at the Stockpair officials. Mostly these rumors are spread by people who either work for these companies or are hence spreading the Stockpair rumors for them or they are people who have a vested interest in the fall of Stockpair. Either way we can confidently say that Stockpair is a gem and we can say this because we ourselves have been users of this platform for such a long time.

How to tell the difference?

The best way for you to know if this is true is by looking at who the ones talking are. If the discussion is in any way on free discussion board then you should definitely try and avoid it and rely more on paid forums with real critics and see is there is any truth to these Stockpair scam rumors.

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