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StockPair Ukash

uKashOne of the most important things to know about any binary option broker concerns the matter of its payment. Stockpair payment offers a number of convenient options for the customers. One of them is Stockpair Ukash. This utilizes a voucher system of payment which is accepted in most of the countries of the world. When you decide to deposit money in your Stockpair account, you will have to utilize your username and password and open your personal account page. Then, choose the option deposit funds and proceed according to the stepwise instructions that will appear.

The steps of using Stockpair Ukash

In order to fund your account using Stockpair Ukash, you will have to follow the given steps:

  • Visit any of the local outlets in your area to buy an Ukash voucher. These are widely available and you should have no problem locating a store that sells Ukash vouchers. Buy that amount of voucher which you want to deposit in your Stockpair account.
  • Scratch the voucher on the designated place and you will obtain a unique nineteen digit Ukash voucher code. This code is very important in your making the payment.
  • Log on to your account at Stockpair and visit your personal account page. Choose the option deposit funds. A number of options will appear. Choose StockPair Ukash to make your deposit.
  • Stepwise instructions will appear to guide you through the process. At one point of time, you will have to provide the nineteen digit voucher code that you obtained by scratching the voucher.
  • Once the code is accepted, you have completed your StockPair Payment. Now you can invest the amount you wish in the asset of your choice. Then you will have to predict whether the price of the asset will move up or down. Accordingly, you will need to choose call or put option. If your prediction is correct, you can end up making a sizeable profit of above 80% on your original investment.

Why should you use Stockpair Ukash?

Ukash is a highly popular e wallet which you can use to fund your Stockpair account. The advantages of using this mode of payment are as follows:

  • Ukash is widely accepted in most countries of the world. So, you can use Stockpair Ukash regardless of your geographical location.
  • It is a highly secure method of making a payment. The nineteen digit code is unique to every voucher. There is no fear of any misappropriation of funds.

When you buy the voucher, you have already paid the amount. So, when you provide the code while making your deposit at Stockpair, the money is already there and needs only to be transferred to your Stockpair account. As a result, the transaction is really fast. If you use Stockpair Ukash, you can start trading within an hour of making the payment as the funds are credited almost instantly.

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